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Southern Association For Vascular Surgery
SAVS CME Course Presentation Submission

The Education Committee of the SAVS is pleased to announce this year's Post Graduate Course, taking place on Wednesday, January 19, 2022. The leadership of the Association realizes that we often do not maximize the greatest asset of the society - our members and their individual expertise. We know that many of you perform a high volume of complex cases and have refined your own techniques for maximum efficiency and patient benefit. We want you to share your unique tips, tricks and techniques with the society.

Our postgraduate course title: The first SAVS Technical Open / Endo 'Cookbook' : Expert Surgeons Sharing Their Personal Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Get the Job Done and Stay Out of Trouble

Please submit a title and short paragraph (2-3 sentences) describing your unique technique or procedure using the link below.
Submit Your Presentation
Deadline: Tuesday, September 7, 2021 at 11:59 pm EDT

If selected, we will then ask you to create a 3-4 minute video demonstrating your technique or a brief < 5 min Powerpoint presentation with detailed description / diagrams and pictures of the novel technique. We hope that all presenters will be able to attend the 46th Annual Meeting in person to discuss their technique with the entire society and answer questions. First come, first serve for volunteers!

An example submission would be as follows:

Title: Total Retrograde Pedal Intervention for CLTI

Summary: Our center performs X tibial angioplasty for CLTI annually. We have found that use of a 4 Fr slender sheath, u/s guidance, and continuous infusion of anti-spasmodic agents maximizes outcomes and decreases need for re-intervention. Catheter and Wire choices and site of access will be discussed in video.

Other topics that may be of interest include:
This list is not intended to be exhaustive and novel approaches to any disease process are welcome.

Aortic /Visceral
  • How to select and perform thoraco-retroperitoneal aortic exposure
  • Transcaval AAA sac access for treating type 2 endoleaks
  • When and how to perform percutaneous or open axillary (or carotid) access for complex endovascular aortic work
  • When and how to do retrograde SMA stenting
  • Tips for stenting difficult renal artery anatomy
  • When and how to do perc radial and pedal access
  • How best to treat advanced LE PAD when no GSV is available
  • Preferred anticoagulation and antiplatelet regimen after LE revascularization
  • Adjuncts to distal bypass bypasses - patches, cuffs, AV fistula, venous arterialization
  • How to perform perforator vein access / ablation - calf and thigh
  • Recanalization and stenting of chronically occluded iliac veins / IVC
  • Pelvic Congestion Syndrome: approach and choice of embolic agents
  • Retrieval of IVC filter in place for years and complicated features
  • When and how to do single vs 2-stage basilic vein transposition
  • Secondary salvage of arm access - proximal venous targets / endo vs open techniques
  • How I do HD access perc thrombectomy / intervention
  • Best management of AV access conduit aneurysm
  • Techniques for eversion carotid endarterectomy
  • Optimal approach to tandem carotid lesions
  • TCAR is better than transfemoral CAS because...
  • How to create the most functional BKA
  • How and when to do mid foot amputations
  • Variations of hip dislocation amputation / high AKAs