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Moderator: Scott A. Berceli
P1 Implementation of a strict indication policy to reduce the number of unnecessary IVC filters. (75)
Nicholas Russo, Jonathan Deitch, Jonathan Schor, Saqib Zia, Kuldeep Singh
Staten Island University Hospital, Staten Island, NY
P2 Improved Outcomes with Proximal Radiocephalic Arteriovenous Fistulas Compared to Brachiocephalic Arteriovenous Fistulas (24)
Dean J Arnaoutakis, Elise P. Deroo, Patrick McGlynn, Maxwell D. Coll, Dirk M Hentschel, Michael Belkin, C. Keith Ozaki
Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA
P3 Increasing Use of Endovascular Therapy in Pediatric Vascular Trauma (50)
Bernardino C Branco, Bindi Naik-Mathuria, Miguel Montero-Baker, Ramyar Gilani, Charles West, Joseph L Mills, Sr., Jayer Chung
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
P4 Correlating WIfI scores, rate of amputation and wound healing following lower extremity revascularization (70)
Kristy Wiebke, Mariella Gastanaduy, W. Charles Sternbergh, III, Hernan Bazan, Clayton Brinster, Taylor Smith
Ochsner Clinic, New Orleans, LA
P5 Zyflamend+Wholemega Fatty Acid Combinatorial Dietary Supplement Therapy Inhibits Intimal Hyperplasia via the Attenuation of M2 Macrophage Differentiation in a Rodent Model of Vascular Injury (90)
Katherine Warner1, Michael Ryan Buckley1, Deidra JH Mountain1, Stacy S Kirkpatrick1, Jay Whelan2, Paul D Terry1, Mitchell H Goldman1, Michael B Freeman1, Oscar H Grandas1
1University of Tennessee Graduate School of Medicine, Knoxville, TN; 2University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN
P6 Outcomes of Resection for Renal Cell Carcinoma with Extensive Inferior Vena Caval Thrombus (114)
Hallie Baer, Georges Haidar, Taylor Hicks, Ronald Rodriguez, Dharam Kaushik, Matthew Sideman, Lori Pounds, Mark Davies
UTHSCSA, San Antonio, TX
P7 Initial Single Center Experience With a New Aspiration Thrombectomy Device For Arterial And Venous Thrombosis (127)
Naveed U Saqib, Wande B Pratt, Gerald R Fortuna, Jr., Maria E Codreanu, Shaikh M Afaq, Rana O Afifi, Anthony L Estrera, Hazim J Safi, Ali Azizzadeh
University of Texas Medical School at Houston, Houston, TX
P8 Endovascular Recanalization of Chronic Juxtarenal Aortoiliac Occlusions Utilizing Adjuvant Renovisceral Protection Maneuvers (150)
Oluwafunmi Awonuga, David J Minion
University of Kentucky Medical Center, Lexington, KY
P9 The Incidence and Management of Type 1C Endoleaks Using Investigational Fenestrated Custom-Made Devices(iCMD’s) for Fenestrated Endovascular Aneurysm Repair(FEVAR) (92)
Robert C Allen1, David Timaran1, Ryan Meehan1, Lucyna Cieciura1, Martyn Knowles2, Carlos Timaran1
1University of Texas Southwestern, Dallas, TX; 2University of North Carolina Health Care, Chapel Hill, TX
P10 Renal Function Predicts Limb Loss Following Infrainguinal Bypass in The Vascular Quality Initiative Database (93)
Besma Nejim, Isibor Arhuidese, Rachel Lee, jasninder dhaliwal, Muhammad Fateeh, Satinderjit Locham, Hanaa Dakour Aridi, Husain AlShaikh, Mahmoud B Malas
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
P12 Renal Dysfunction and Associated Morbidity/Mortality with Suprarenal Cross Clamping During Abdominal Aortic Reconstruction (34)
Sara C McKeever, Matthew R Smeds, Cheney F Wilson, Michael Harlander-Locke, Mohammed M Moursi
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR

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